Our Approach

Our Approach

We are a client-centric, solutions-driven investment business, committed to work collaboratively with our partners, to deliver investment solutions that align with defined investment goals and outcomes of our clients.

We follow a relative benchmark approach, which is appropriate for the model. Modeling is based on fundamental and quantitative research. We also try to understand the business from a qualitative and quantitative perspective after applying bottom up share selection.

Our core emphasis in the investment philosophy lies with the value driven process we follow. Furthermore, our investment philosophy has been created to allow adaptability to meet clients’ needs, across a full range of asset classes. We aim to create an environment for responsible investing to deliver performance through all market cycles with high aversion to loss of capital.

Our Investment Process

1. In our investment process and analysis we differentiate between the intrinsic value of a company and the actual market price and not to overpay for an asset we believe we should own. We have a strong bottom up stock selection bias, which complements our philosophy of investing in “quality” for long-term results. Further to this, we identify the most effective way to capture the value premium via systematic means.

2. When we construct our bespoke model portfolios we aim to provide both income and capital growth from the underlying portfolio. This is achieved through a strong emphasis on asset allocation. We combine bottom up stock selection with macro top down trends to identify to what extent market returns and trends are driven by these factors via intricate modeling techniques.

3. Risk management plays an integral part of our investment process and we therefore combine a mix of securities for balance & risk diversification within the portfolios. We like companies with a niche competitive advantage, managing the risk of the company, cash flow strength, and companies led by a strong and experienced management team. It is also important to understand the market dynamics these companies operate in to allow us to screen potential investments for quality. In our view, quality is paramount to any investment selection process.

4. Our model portfolios are designed and monitored on an ongoing basis with an active awareness of current market conditions together with diligent fundamental research.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”


What Sets Us Apart

  • Transformation of the Asset Management Industry including mentoring and ongoing training of young black professionals.
  • Outcome-based solutions driven (can do attitude).
  • Relentless focus on service delivery.
  • Uncompromising commitment to our distribution partners.

Making A Difference

Rock Capital apportions a percentage of its budget to donate to various local charity organizations and NGOs. Additionally, Rock Capital is in the planning and budgeting phase of developing capacity to facilitate training and mentoring to young BEE compliant graduates, with a view to giving them the skills and much-needed experience to pursue a career in financial services, and in particular, the Asset Management industry.

Treating Customers Fairly Policy

The culture at Rock Capital has a very client-centric focus. Acting in the best interests of the clients at all times is a driving force at Rock Capital. Respect, honesty and integrity guide how we handle, not only client funds, but also the clients themselves.

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance”


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